CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit


4 Minute AMRAP:

Row 200 or run 200

25 ft Left/Right Banded lateral squat walk

:30 second squat hold

5 knees up hanging from rope or the bar

5 Inch worms + push-up

4×10 Back Squats (4×10)

Every 3 minutes for 12 minutes:

10 Back squats from the rack

Start around 40-50% of 1RM

Build to around 70% of 1 RM

Wear a belt please!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

EMOTM for 16 Minutes:

1-10 Dumbbell front squats

2-2 Rope climbs OR modified rope climbs or 15 ring rows

3-50 ft bear crawl holding dumbbells

4-8 Dumbbell up-downs into devil press


L1-scale weight

L2-Scale weight, ring rows, bear crawl without dumbbells, 8 burpees
Movements can be completed in any order.

Dumbbell up-downs into devil press=

standing upright with dumbbells in hand drop down and pop feet out into planked position then quickly hop back up with feet just outside of your dumbbells. Stand up, opening hips up aggressively in order to propel your dumbbells overhead. You should NOT feel any strain in your back.

Cool Down

Coach’s choice!

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