CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit


AMRAP: 5 Minutes

Nice and easy

200 M Run

10 Up-downs=Stand tall, hop down into plank with both feet, hop up with both feet, stand tall, repeat

10 Air squats

5 Inch worms

Strict Work: TTB and Strict Press (3×10)

EMOTM: 9 Minutes

-5-10 Strict TTB

-10 Strict Press with dumbbells

(build in weight)

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for time:

200M Slamball run

20 Alternating shoulder to overhead with slam ball

15 Slam balls

10 Slam ball plyo-push-ups (one hand on the slam ball, the other on the ground, push-up, then alternate hands while remaining in the push-ups position).


If using a medicine ball (wall ball) do cleans instead of slam balls!

Cool Down

Coach’s choice!

Extra work

4 Rounds-rest as needed:

100 M Farmer’s carry-AHAP

200 M Sprint

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