CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit


400 M Run

5 Minute AMRAP:

5 Inch worms+push-up

10 leg swings

15 Military air squats

20 Walking lunges

Sled Push + Plate Carry (Max Distance)

9 Minutes for distance:

As a team:

Sled push-one person pushing at a time

ALL other athletes will carry a plate overhead ONLY while sled is being pushed.

When pushing the sled, your plate will be put on the sled OR given to someone to carry overhead.


Scale accordingly!

Metcon (Time)


Russian Kettle bell swings (eye-level)

KB push-ups (narrow grip)

KB Sumo deadlift (feet outside hips toes pointed 45 degree angle from your body)


Scale weight accordingly

DO NOT attempt narrow grip push-ups on a KB less than 35 lbs. Do narrow-grip floor push-ups.

*4 Tire flips after each round of 30/20/10

(12 total tire flips)

Cool Down

Coach’s choice!

Extra work

Butt Work:

3 Sets

10/10 Straight leg kicks+pause at full extension (attach thinner band to rig and drive a flexed foot back keeping the leg straight)

10/10 Bent leg kicks+pause at full extension (attach thinner band to rig close to the floor, and drive a flexed foot and bent knee directly back)

10/10 Small banded lateral squat steps

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