CrossFit Rectify – CrossFit


Row or Bike 20 Calories

AMRAP 4 Minutes:


Runners stretch

Leg kicks

Calf/achilles stretch

3xMedball shuttle run

For time:

3x Med ball run shuttle run

Three medicine balls of increasing weight will be carried anyway to a 50M mark and back.

Med balls will be placed at the start of the beginning of the 50 M mark.

When coach says “go” athlete will pick up the lightest med ball and run to a 50 M mark and back to the starting point, drop the med ball past the finish line and pick up the next heaviest medicine ball.

Repeat once more with the third heaviest medicine ball and cross the finish line for your time.


Scale accordingly!

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD:

Split reps however.

In teams of 2, one athlete working at a time:

50 Power cleans

40 Shoulder to overhead

30 Dumbbell box step-overs

Rest 2 minutes

10 Dumbbell box step-overs

20 Shoulder to overhead

30 Power cleans


20/24 Box

Cool Down

Coach’s choice!

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