warm up


warm up

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Warm-up (No Measure)

run 50m

10 (super light) db oh press

run 50m

10 empty bb deadlifts

10 (super light) db oh press


hand stand kick ups (5×4/leg)

practice kicking up on the wall for handstand holds. alternate front leg.


sumo deadlifts (4×10)


Metcon (Time)

Jingle Hells Partner WOD:

60 single arm jingle bell swings (kb) (12/16)

30 polar bear crawls

100 weighted Rudolph sit ups (plate)(10/15)

50 santa’s lil helper db hang cleans (25/35)

then…. 10 cal assault bike sleigh ride buy out (each person)

*each person uses separate equipment but has a partner. both partners cannot be working at one time. if uneven amount of ppl make a group of 3 and add appropriate reps.

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